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2011 NEWS RELEASES (in .pdf format)

2010 NEWS RELEASES (in .pdf format)


Want to learn more about the trees of West Virginia? DOF Forester Steve McAnarney, in cooperation with the Tyler County FFA, created the following presentation to train FFA groups, Envirothon teams and anyone else wanting to learn more about tree identification. The document is in.pdf format and can be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat.

Tree Identification Presentation

Forestry Publications
(.pdf format)

2011 Smokey Bear Calendar

Clements State Tree Nursery Order Form

Clements State Tree Nursery Catalog

Community Arbor News Summer 2010

2009 Loggers of Excellence

2009 Annual Report

2010 Forestry Centennial Calendar

Be Firewise Around Your Home

BMP Manual

Community Tree Brochure

MTRP brochure

2009 Smokey Bear Calendar

Seedling Catalog

Tree Order Form

MTRP brochure

Community Tree Brochure

2007 Loggers of Excellence

Smokey Bear's Mountain State Adventures 2008 Calendar

Fire in the Mountain State - The West Virginia Wildfire Protection Program

2008 Forestry Annual Report

2007 Forestry Annual Report

2006 Forestry Annual Report

West Virginia's Forests - A Growing Resource for our Future

WVU Economic Impact Study: West Virginia's Forests, Growing West Virginia's Future
The West Virginia Logging Sediment Control Act: One of the Nation's Toughest Forestry Laws


Disaster Resistance Library

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