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Forestry Honors Loggers of Excellence

State forestry officials have named 27 companies as West Virginia 5-Year Loggers of Excellence for completing five consecutive years’ work in full compliance with the West Virginia Logging Sediment Control Act.

In addition, 181 companies were named 2015 Loggers of Excellence for their year’s work in full compliance with the state’s water quality and sedimentation laws.

Award recipients were recognized at the A.B. Brooks Forestry Symposium in Charleston Feb. 2015.



Loggers, have you completed your operation, started a new operation, or moved to a new location? If so, the Timbering Notification Form is now available electronically for your convenience.

This form is in an Excel format so that it can be saved to a computer and the information entered via the computer and submitted to the appropriate Forestry office for the area in which you will be conducting the logging operation.

Original notification with original signature is required. MAIL OR DELIVER THIS FORM SO THAT IT WILL BE RECEIVED WITHIN THREE(3) DAYS of beginning the logging operation to the appropriate Forestry Office.

Download the Timbering Notification Form

Download the Timbering Exemption Application

Download the Timbering Exemption Notification Form


The West Virginia Division of Forestry now requires topographical maps be submitted with Timbering Notification Forms. To help meet this requirement, the DOF has linked with


Toll-free Timbering Notification Hotline Numbers

The DOF has set up 6 toll-free timbering notification hotline numbers for timber operators to call to give notification of job completions or request extensions. Licensed timbering operators may use these numbers to notify the appropriate DOF Office of an earlier completion date than specified on their Timbering Notification Form. Extensions past the specified dates on the Timbering Notification Form may also be obtained by calling the appropriate DOF Office. Licensed timbering operators also are required to give notification if a job is closed down for more than 7 days due to weather or other circumstances and may do so by calling the appropriate District Office.

Farmington Office call 1-866-775-1557
Romney Office call 1-866-738-4749
French Creek Office call 1-866-271-0201
Beckley Office call 1-866-271-0201
Milton Office call 1-866-424-5896
Elizabeth Office call 1-866-288-8117

These numbers are designated for timbering notifications only.


Logger /Timber License Applications

West Virginia State Law also requires the holder of a Timber Operator License to be in compliance with other licenses or regulations specified by the State of West Virginia.

To obtain a West Virginia Business Registration Number, contact the Tax Department at (304) 558-3333 or visit their website, WV Tax Department

Companies with employees need to provide a copy of Certificate of Insurance or Certificate of Liability Insurance from an approved Worker's Compensation Agent.

If you have no employees or are from out-of-state, you will need to contact the West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Division at (304) 558-2677 or visit their website, WV Unemployment Compensation Division

If you have an account with the West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Division contact (304) 558-2451 to request a compliance letter in good standing.

Certified Loggers & Timber Operators

You as a citizen can do your part to ensure logging jobs and your water continues to be safe. If you or someone you know is planning on harvesting timber, please check to make sure the logging company you use is licensed to complete timbering operations in West Virginia. Download the Licensed Loggers for the most current list of available licensed loggers in the state. By using a properly licensed timber operator AND a certified logger, you know the workers will use BMPs that reduce both soil erosion and water pollution.

For a list of Licensed Timber Operators or Licensed Certified Loggers in West Virginia, download the appropriate form on this page.

Licensed Timber Operators Last updated 5/20/16

Licensed Certified Loggers Last updated 5/20/16

Once you decide to cut, make sure the following criteria will be completed:
  1. Timber Operator is licensed with the West Virginia Division of Forestry.
  2. Obtained logger certification by completing a WVDOF training class.
  3. Filed a timbering operation notification with the WVDOF within three days of start up.
  4. Posted a sign with company name and timbering license number.
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