Program Goals

The Division of Forestry is the state's lead agency for rendering technical forestry assistance to the nearly 260,000 non-industrial private woodland owners. The objectives of the landowner assistance program of the Division of Forestry are:
  1. To assist woodland owners in establishing better forest management practices that increase growth, yields and health while protecting soil, water and aesthetic values.
  2. To assist woodland owners reforest idle or eroded open lands by providing technical assistance on planting or natural regeneration.
  3. Cooperate with other state and federal agencies in promoting and establishing multiple use management practices on privately owned forestland.
  4. Provide wood-producing and wood-using industries with current technologies and useful management information while encouraging all interested parties to utilize sound forest management principles and practices.
Although the primary responsibility for management of woodland fall to the private landowner, the Division of Forestry will work cooperatively with the landowner to carry out the broad objectives of the landowner assistance program. The Division of Forestry Service Forester provides many services to landowners through on-site, personalized visits. Many of these services are outlined in the Landowner Assistance brochure. This brochure may be downloaded by clicking the link directly below. To locate your County Service Forester, click on the County Offices link at the top of this page.

Landowner Assistance Bulletin Board

The new Landowner Assistance Bulletin Board is designed to match landowners needing assistance with consulting foresters that can provide that assistance. Landowners needing assistance should contact their closest regional office. Landowners must give permission for their information to appear on the bulletin board. Consulting foresters can log into the site below:


WV Board of Registration for Foresters

Society of American Foresters

The Association of Consulting Foresters

New Landowner Assistance Policy
Effective September 1, 2004

To download the new West Virginia Division of Forestry Landowner Assistance-Service Policy


WV Woodland Owners' Association

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