Forest Land Enhancement Program

Are you planning improvements to your privately owned forest land? If so, the West Virginia Division of Forestry can help through the Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP). FLEP is a cost-share program that is open to all non-industrial private landowners who own 1,000 acres or less of forested land. FLEP pays 75% of the landowner's costs associated with program-approved practices. Some of the approved practices include:

* Stewardship planning
* Watershed protection
* Timber management
* Reforestation
* Tree planting on land not previously forested
* Improvement of fish and wildlife habitat

To find out more information about the FLEP program, contact your nearest DOF Regional Office.

Region 1 Farmington Office - (304) 825-6983

Region 2 Beckley Office - (304) 256-6775

Region 3 Milton Office - (304) 743-6186

A Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement form must also be completed and submitted with the Forest Stewardship Application form by all landowners wishing to receive plan preparation cost share assistance. A landowner must be registered as a vendor in order for be reimbursed by the State of West Virginia, however in this instance, you will not be charged the annual registration fee. On question #15 of the vendor form, please enter both commodity code numbers # 961 for professional service & # 962 for miscellaneous services.

Forest Vendor Registration and Discloser Statement

Vendor Registration Instructions

W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID

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